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India Fastener is Number One In Business Aggregator for Fasteners & provides Std & Weight Count Solution.
IF has been started off with an initiative to link the ever growing field of technology with the world of fasteners. We have started off with an mobile solutions that facilitates you while handling your day to day weigh count issues. We already have the app for Android and iOS.
In all our efforts the core focus is innovation, and improving products for the end users. We strive extra mile to make sure you get the best and the solution helps you to focus on your core business.

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India Fasteners App Proved Various Solution In The Field Of Fasteners

Weight Count Solution In (Inch” & Metric {mm} )

1. Hex Half Thread Bolt & Nut

2. Hex Full Thread Bolt & Nut

3. Hex Full Thread Bolt Only

4. Hex Half Thread Bolt Only

5. Hex Nut Din 934

6. Lock Nut Din 439

7. Washer As Per Is 2016

8.  Dome Nut Din 1587

9. Hex Weld Nut Din 929

10. Chess Head Machine Screw

11. Csk Philips Head Machine Screw

12. Pan Philips Head Machine Screw

13. Slotted Csk Head Machine Screw

14. Round Head Rivet (In Inch Only )

15. Square Head Set Screw (In Inch Only )

16. Round Head Square Neck Bolt Only (In Inch Only )

17. Round Head Square Neck Bolt & Nut Only (In Inch Only )

18. Fully Threaded Bars/Rod (In Inch)

More To Come

Standard & Measurement Solution 

1.  Hex Half Thread Bolt Din 931

2.  Hex Full Thread Bolt din 933

3. Wing Nut Din 315

4. Dome Nut Din 1587

5.  Square Thin Nut Din 562

6. Square Nut Din 557

7. Big Nylock Nut Din 982

8. Small Nylock Nut Din 985

9. Flange Nut Din 6923

10. Washer Din 125

11. Allen Cap Din 912

12. Allen Csk Din 7991

13. Csk Philips Screw Din 965

14. Pan Philips Screw Din 7985

15. Csk Philips S/T Screw Din 7982

16. Pan Philips S/T Screw Din 7981

17. Flat Point Grub Screw Din 931

18. Con Point Grub Screw Din 914

19. Cup Point Grub Screw Din 916

More To Come