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India Fastener is Number One In Business Aggregator for Fasteners & provides Std & Weight Count Solution.
IF has been started off with an initiative to link the ever growing field of technology with the world of fasteners. We have started off with an mobile solutions that facilitates you while handling your day to day weigh count issues. We already have the app for Android and iOS.
In all our efforts the core focus is innovation, and improving products for the end users. We strive extra mile to make sure you get the best and the solution helps you to focus on your core business.

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India Fasteners App Proved Various Solution In The Field Of Fasteners

Weight Count Solution In (Inch” & Metric {mm} )

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Stainless Steel Fasteners

Stainless Steel Fasteners and their Benefits

S S  Fasteners are, most importantly, corrosion resistant. They have an excellent life cycle, are environmentally friendly and are 100% Recyclable. They are also resistant to high heat as well as extremely cold temperatures making stainless steel fasteners the material of choice for almost any application!

When you are moving past the design phase and into the building phase of your project, you need to make sure you have quality materials to help you get the job done right.

When it comes to putting a project together you want to make sure it holds up. We can help! With our stainless steel fasteners you won’t ever have to worry about a project falling apart. We use stainless steel because it is a quality product that will allow you to build whatever you need.

Some of our stainless steel fasteners include your basic screws, nuts, pins, washers, and anchors. However, we also have rivets that can be used for blind fastening solutions, hose clamps that can give you non-leak connections, and thread forming screws that can help you fix malleable materials. Whatever you need to do we have a quality fastener to fit your needs.

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