India Fastener Show 2024

India Fastener Show 2024

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    In the heart of India’s manufacturing prowess, a remarkable event is poised to amplify the spirit of ‘Make in India’ and redefine the realm of fasteners and fixing technologies. The India Fastener Show 2024 is gearing up to make its mark, setting the stage for innovation, networking, and knowledge-sharing that promises to reshape the landscape of manufacturing. If you’re passionate about industrial progress and the marvels of fastening technologies, clear your calendar from September 1st to 3rd, 2023, as the Autocluster Exhibition Centre in Pune becomes the epicenter of this extraordinary event.

    Mark Your Calendars: A Celebration of ‘Make in India’

    Put the dates in bold on your calendar: September 1st to 3rd, 2023. The Autocluster Exhibition Centre in Pune is set to host a convergence of industry giants, professionals, and enthusiasts, all united under the banner of the India Fastener Show. This dynamic event embodies the ‘Make in India’ vision, showcasing the capabilities and innovation that define the nation’s manufacturing prowess.

    A Gateway to Opportunities

    Step into a realm of endless possibilities as you navigate through the India Fastener Show:

    • Supplier Showcase: Immerse yourself in a showcase of over 150+ suppliers and manufacturers hailing from India and beyond. With a focus on fasteners, fixing, and fastening technologies, this exhibition promises to unveil cutting-edge solutions that are propelling the manufacturing sector forward.
    • Networking Extravaganza: Connect with over 7,500 professionals hailing from diverse sectors across India. The India Fastener Show serves as an invaluable platform for networking, collaboration, and forging meaningful connections that can shape the trajectory of your business.
    • Manufacturing Vision Conference: Prepare to be enlightened. The co-located Manufacturing Vision conference is tailored to explore the industrial applications of fasteners and introduce novel, new-to-market fastening technologies. Delve into discussions that delve deep into the heart of manufacturing and the pivotal role of fasteners.

    A Force to Be Reckoned With

    The India Fastener Show stands tall as the nation’s largest trade show and conference dedicated to fasteners, fixing, and fastening technologies. With more than 150+ suppliers and manufacturers on board, both local and international, this event is poised to catalyze innovation, elevate industry standards, and contribute to the ‘Make in India’ movement.

    Leading the Charge: Industry Titans

    The India Fastener Show is a constellation of industry leaders and pioneers. Expect to witness showcases from renowned names such as Artek Surfin Chemicals, Dhanlaxmi Fasteners, LPS Bossard, and many more. These stalwarts are at the forefront of fastening technologies, and their presence adds a layer of prestige to an already impressive event.

    Knowledge Meets Networking: Manufacturing Vision Conference

    Step beyond the exhibits and into a realm of knowledge and insight. The Manufacturing Vision conference, supported by the Fasteners Association of India and esteemed buyer associations from Maharashtra, is a unique opportunity to dive deep into the nuances of the manufacturing sector. Explore emerging trends, delve into the applications of fasteners across various industries, and gain insights from top-tier buyers who will be gracing the stage as speakers.

    Creating Business Horizons

    Chaitali Davangeri, Director at Future Market Events, captures the essence: “The India Fastener Show is not just an event; it’s a catalyst for business growth, collaboration, and new opportunities. With top buyers as speakers and an exclusive VIP program, exhibitors can anticipate engaging with serious buyers and OEMs, further igniting their business prospects.”

    Claim Your Spot at India Fastener Show

    Join us from September 1st to 3rd, 2023, at the Autocluster Exhibition Centre in Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune. Secure your free entry ticket by visiting the official India Fastener Show website

    Experience the future of ‘Make in India’ through the lens of fasteners and fixing technologies. The India Fastener Show awaits your presence.