Dome Bolts

Dome Bolts

Dome nuts mainly known Acorn nuts due to the head shape is alike to acorn.  It also comes under the name of Crown nut, Blind nut, and Dome cap nut. The nut is made in one piece along with a cap at one end and is normally made available in steel, stainless steel, Nylon, and brass.

When it was invented ?

By a lot of careful thought about some screw thread which was invented in about 400BC by Archytas of Tarentum (428 BC – 350 BC). Archytas is sometimes named as the creator of mechanics and was an existent of Plato.

Why are dome head bolts used?

They are also called as mushroom head bolts or dome head bolts. They are utilized to fasten wood to wood, instead of metal to wood.

What is a dome nut used for?

Dome nuts consist of numerous varieties of uses. From being used for its aesthetics as a cover for threaded rods and as caps for machine screws in architectural metalwork. To be utilized in the car modification business as an alternative to manufacturer-supplied nuts and fixings.

Description: Hex dome nuts or acorn nuts got their names due to the dome-shaped projection on one side of the nut. The external threads of the screws inserted into these nuts are securely surrounded within the dome. In addition to the protection it offers, these nuts provide the structure of an aesthetically pleasing look.

Dome Head

Stainless Steel Dome head bolts also named as button heads or mushroom heads these are smooth, stylish and gives a fresh finish and are one of our best sellers. A must in any workshop these are commonly used as screen bolts, fairing bolts, mudguard bolts, number plate bolts, chain guard bolts, heat shield bolts to name just a few. Produced with rolled threads which enhances sheer strength and gives a smooth fitment, then polished to a mirror finish these corrosion-free bolts which make the most of any bodywork.


Hex dome nuts or acorn nuts got their names because of the dome-shaped estimate on one side of the nut. Which is widely utilized to protect objects close to the ends of screws from scratches and structural injuries. It, in addition, decreases the consequences of physical mishaps on human skin if it somehow strictly hits the fasteners. The external threads of the screws inserted into these nuts are greatly encompassed within the dome. In an exertion to the defense it provides, these nuts provide the structure of an aesthetically pleasing look.

It is obtainable in stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel to carry more wear and tear while also making it more corrosion proof. The dome nuts are approached in different sizes, ensuring you use them on screws with any length. By non-payment, the size of the nut is ‘small’ which refers that it is utilized for shorter screws.

Industrial Bolts

We are making available a numerous range of Industrial Bolts which is made utilizing optimum grade raw material and advanced machinery in following with the advanced machinery and new techniques information with the international quality norms and standards. These products served by us are appreciated for their mechanical, structural and general engineering purposes due to the corrosion-proof, high tolerance power and durability.

We are serving a wide variety of Dome Bolts. The teams of engineers in our company are skilled enough to design the top quality bolts that can satisfy the necessities of our clients. They offered numerous range which is widely utilized in various industrial applications.


• Corrosion proof
• Sturdiness
• Top-quality

Applications and uses of Dome Nuts:

It doesn’t matter in which industry you work in, you are going to be reliable fasteners in order to achieve your projects. From automobiles to the rockets that we dispatch into space, nothing would be feasible in the absence of reliable tools and fasteners by our side. While most of us aren’t going to be working on the next spaceship, we still need to know about the different fasteners that are being utilized all over the world. We are getting to explore the uses and functions of this innovative fastener so that you have the knowledge required to achieve your next project!

Uses & Functions of the Dome Nut:

Caliber Enterprises is a leading manufacturer, supplier, dealer and exporter of Nuts in more than 100+ countries.

They carry a full line of Steel Dome Nuts Fasteners. Fastener Product like hex bolt, Screw, Washer, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, Duplex. Having been successful in delivering to numerous industrial segments that include Chemical, Petrochemical, Engineering, etc besides others

All our Dome Nuts Fasteners meet International Quality Standards (IQS).

The main objective is to provide customers with quality products at competitive prices and when required. Specializing in the manufacturing of Standard, non Standard fasteners as per clients specification/drawings. Our range of products satisfies every exacting Engineering need.

Hexagonal Bolt

In order to cater to the diverse necessities of clients, they are able to deliver a superior range of Hex Bolt.  Offering a range of hex bolt is made utilizing optimum grade raw material, which is sourced from dependable vendors of the market.


• Corrosion proof
• Dimensional accuracy
• Longer service life

• Stainless Steel Domebolt
• Brass Domebolt
• Ironwood Domebolt with cut thread technology.

Dome Nuts (Acorn Nuts) come in two different styles, one-piece and another in a two-piece. A one-piece Dome Nut is constituted from a solid piece of stainless steel. The 2-piece Dome Nut is constituted from 2 pieces of Stainless fused together.

Dome Nuts are on times called as Cap Nuts and Acorn Nuts.

Bolt And Nut Bearing Surfaces Cold-upset bolts are constituted on a “boltmaker” usually consisting of which are washer faced but large or very long bolts may consist of a flat face. Nuts made on cold “nut-formers” may have double-chamfered.

Heat treatment covers numerous techniques that may be utilized to develop certain end-product features. Customary methods for fasteners consist of annealing, stress relieving, case hardening, direct quench and temper, and carbon reconditioning.

Annealing: A thermal cycle constituting heating to, and holding at a suitable temperature which then does cooling at a suitable rate, for such reasons as reducing hardness, improving machinability, facilitating cold working, producing a desired microstructure, or receiving desired mechanical or other properties.

Case Hardening: A term derived to describe one or more methods of hardening steel in which the exterior portion, or case, is made considerably harder than the inner portion, or core.

Quenching And Tempering: A thermal procedure utilized to enhance the hardness and strength of steel. Tempering should follow immediately and involves reheating to a temperature below the transformation range and then cooling at any rate desired. When strength necessities are moderate, low-carbon steel is utilized.

Tensile Strength: The utmost tensile pressure is in pounds per sq. in. which a material is capable of balancing, as developed by a tension test.

Yield Strength: The pressure during which a material exhibits a particular divergence from the arrangement of pressure to strain. The departure is communicated in terms of strain, and in the offset technique, mainly, is to strain of 0.2 percent is specified.

Proof  Load: The point to which a material may be emphasized without proof of permanent un proper formation.

Hardness: The refusal to accept of a material to plastic un proper formation. Usually measured in steels by the Brinell, Rockwell, or Vickers indentation-hardness text methods.

Dome Nuts Manufacturers in India

Dome Nuts Manufacturers in India: Dome Nuts Specifications –

At Sachiya Steel International manufactures a huge variety of Nuts. There is an altogether different type of Nuts utilized for numerous needs. Nuts are utilized with Bolts. Our Nuts are available in different sizes, grades, and shapes. Sachiya Steel International manufactures and exports high-quality industrial Nuts.  Being the Exporters of the following Nuts -Hex Nuts, Heavy Hex Nuts, Lock Nuts, Nylock Nuts, Nylock Self Locking Nuts, Flange Nuts, Rivet Nuts, Cage Nuts, Dome Nuts, Square Nuts and more. As well as being a well known and India’s top leading Industrial Dome Nuts Exporters in Mumbai.

Dome Nuts Manufacturers in India:  About Dome Nuts Fasteners –

Dome Nuts are a variant of fastener consisting of a  threaded hole. Dome Nuts are almost always utilized in conjunction with a mating bolt to fasten various parts altogether. The two partners are kept together by a combination of their threads’ friction (with slight elastic deformation), a slight stretching of the bolt, and compression of the parts to be held together. Nowadays Dome Nuts are utilized when a maximum amount of torque and grip is needed for a given size.

Industrial Dome Nuts –
• Oil & Gas Industries
• Nuclear Energy Sector
• Petroleum Industries
• Chemical Industry
• Defense Industry
• Aerospace Industry

Being the top leading Exporters of Dome Nuts in more than 85 countries worldwide.  Export to countries is made like Kuwait, Dubai, China, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, UAE, Brazil, Mexico and more.

Dome Nuts Manufacturers in India: Dome Nuts Finishes –

• Plain Finish Dome Nuts: Dome Nuts with No Coating.
• Zinc Plated Dome Nuts: Dome Nuts Coated with Zinc.
• Zinc and Chromate Dome Nuts: Silvery and offers resistance to corrosion for Dome Nuts.
• Zinc and Yellow Chromate Dome Nuts: Offers better proofing to corrosion to Dome Nuts than Chromate.
• Hot Dipped Galvanized(HDG) Dome Nuts: Offers superior proofing to corrosion due to the dipping of Dome Nuts in the molten zinc.

Dome Nuts Manufacturers in India: Cities we supply Dome Nuts to –

Sachiya Steel International is a producer and supplier of Dome Nuts fasteners in most of the major Indian cities in more than 20 states. We are the leading supplier of Dome Nuts in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Ludhiana, Delhi, Rajkot, Pune, Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore, and many other cities.

Dome Nuts Exporters in Mumbai: Sachiya Steel International Exports Dome Nuts Fasteners to following countries –

Dome Nuts exporters in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai, UAE, Mexico, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, and many other countries. Sachiya Steel International has created a brand name for itself in the international market, by exporting large quantities of high-quality Dome Nuts fasteners.

All About Cap Nuts Transcript

Note: Below given is the conversation to explain nuts.

Bob: Welcome back to Albany County Fasteners, Fasteners 101. This is Bob and today we’re going to discuss high crown and too tall cap nuts. So let’s get started.
By having cap nuts here. I have a standard cap nut that everyone will find almost anywhere. I have what they call a high crown and you can see, the crown’s a little higher. It’s mostly somewhere about, I would say about, a heavy 3/8 of an inch taller than a standard cap nut. Then we have too tall. We have a too tall in a flat head and we have too tall in a rounded head.
Now the two tall come fully threaded all the way through the inside to the top. So you have full threads all the way through. You have on the too tall what they call a flat top. You can see the top is flat and it has a chamfered edge around it and on the ground, the top is just rounded over like the standard cap nut at the top.
They call these too tool due to they’re approximate, if you took the high crowns, double the height almost. But if you had two high crowns, I don’t have two high crowns here but if I did, it would be close to this size and that’s why they call it a too tall.
These are the USA made products, they’re made here in the USA. They’re quality products.
Depending upon your appliances. So many different appliances out there. How far is your threaded bolt sticking out on the other end? If it was sticking out that much, you couldn’t utilize a standard cap nut.
I’ll just keep my finger there as a stop, and that just makes it. Those are different appliances. This one, which is double tall, will keep on going and, just so you know, you will get some gulling because the difference here with stainless steel is that you have a rolled thread on the bolt and on the actual cap nut you have cut threads. So you have two variant threads running against each other which creates gulling. You can use some lubricant. Which works well.
I just want to show you on this how far this will go in.
As far as appliances go, there are many numerous appliances. I’ve seen these used for – they get polished up – some people will take them and polish them up. Polished stainless is amazing – the way it looks. They’ll take them and put them on their trucks and their cars just for the look. It’s all dependent on the appliances.
Here at my packaging machine, I want to demonstrate to you how they incorporated a cap nut. This is a standard cap nut. This is the bowl where the fasteners go in. This is a feeder and they used a cap nut, at the top, along with a lock washer to hold this cone in place so the fasteners don’t build up and around the center of the machine. Here they used a standard cap nut with a lock washer to hold this cone in place.
You could also, in this application, use any of them. Here’s a high crown, that works on there, and here’s a double tall. You can use that on there. This is actually is a lot simpler due to a few times the small little fasteners that we put in this machine, they get beneath this cone a little bit. They jam below there and you have to prevent this off.
The standard that comes with the machine, you can see here, the standard cap nut, finishes it off nicely.

Applications And Uses Of Dome Nuts –
No matter what industry you work in, you are going to need reliable fasteners in order to achieve your projects. From automobiles to the rockets that we send into space, nothing would be ever achieved without reliable tools and fasteners by our side. While many of us aren’t going to be working on the next spaceship, we still require to know about the different fasteners that are being utilized throughout the world.

Acorn Cap Nuts
Acorn cap nuts are hex nuts with a dome top that matches an acorn nut or crown.
Utilized alone or as a cap for a hex or jam nut, acorn cap nuts serve a decorative purpose by concealing the threaded end of a fastener or acting as a cover for standing out, perhaps sharp threads. Some variants are produced in two pieces and pressed together; others are milled from a single piece of metal. Besides from a possible slight variant in dimensions, both types of cap nut are otherwise the same.
Threads are well measured right-hand and Unified inch stiff series (UNC, Unified National Coarse) or Unified inch fine (UNF, Unified National Fine). Hence these acorn cap nuts constitute a closed-end, the fastener’s projecting threads must be short enough to allow the nut to be fully tightened yet long enough to allow sufficient thread engagement with the nut prominently when utilized alone.
Acorn cap nut size mainly refers to its nominal thread diameter.
Nut width and height differentiate with the size of the acorn cap nut.
Steel, brass and stainless steel are widespread materials. Zinc plating and nickel plating are the most common finishes for steel and brass is often nickel plated.

Dome & Cap Nuts

Trojan Special Fasteners Ltd can produce a number of dome and acorn cap nuts to standard, your drawing, sample or your specification.
Trojan Special Fasteners will produce, from bar turning, high accuracy acorn cap nuts. Other names such as crown hex nuts, blind nuts, cap nuts, dome nuts or domed cap nuts remain.

Dome or cap nuts are probably applied to the threaded end of a bolt, setscrew or all-thread bar.  We regularly furnish polished dome nuts for this reason.
We can make these with standard domes or, to whatever kind of ‘rotated design’ you’re looking for.

Trojan Special Fasteners can unproperly form nuts from the sides to provide a prevailing torque feature on your nuts – as no open standard for these exists we would ask that you provide your dimensions or a drawing and we can manufacture to that.

Top Manufacturers and Suppliers of Dome Nuts in India –
1. Capital Bolts and Hardware (Miller Ganj, Ludhiana)
2. Singhania International Limited (Focal Point, Ludhiana)
3. Ketan Engineering Company (Mumbai)
4. Tefco Forging and Engineering (Nagdevi, Mumbai)
5. Girish Metal (India) (Bhuleshwar, Mumbai)
6. Ketan Industrial Works (Nagdevi, Mumbai)
7. Micro Industries (Bansi Bhavan, Mumbai)
8. Avirat Enterprise (Katraj-Dhayari Road, Pune)
9. Bharat Industrial Supplier (Mannady, Chennai)
10. Teknic Fastners Mumbai

Top Manufacturers and Suppliers of Dome Nuts in the World –
1. United Forge Industries
2. Fastener Key
4. DB Roberts
5. Westfield Fasteners